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The Essex Chase Apartments want you to feel at home with all of the modern touches. These new luxury apartments are decked out with the latest home trends in a quiet community. One of the most convenient factors is its great location next to the interstate. It makes getting to work and back, or shopping and dining in the surrounding area so much easier. 

Essex Chase is an excellent option for you and your pets. You’ll love all of the care that they took into making the apartments cozy for not only you, but for your best furry friends, too. Friendly staff are ready to help walk you through any issues that you may have, no matter what day of the week or hour of the day.

Apartment Amenities at Essex Chase

  1. Washer/Dryers: Essex Chase gives the convenience and privacy to its tenant with a full sized washer and dryer in every unit. You don’t have to save your quarters, or transport loads back and forth to a communal laundry mat.
  2. Granite Countertops and Backsplashes: Granite adds that extra element of class to the kitchen that elevates these apartments into luxury.
  3. Stainless Steel Appliances: A quiet dishwasher, a powerful microwave, and electric oven all in the beautiful stainless steel.
  4. Walk-In Closets: No matter who you are, or what age, a walk-in closet is a big selling point. Storage space is always in short supply, especially in apartments. Essex Chase gives you large closet space without sacrificing space elsewhere.
  5. Hardwood Floors: They’re simple, but so elegant. Hardwood floors make the room feel welcoming and warm from the color down to the touch.

Community Amenities at Essex Chase

  1. Heated Outdoor Pool: Enjoy the water longer with the heated outdoor pool area. The spring and fall weather won’t deter you from putting on your bathing suit and getting in some laps.
  2. Barbecue Grills and Patio: You won’t have to sacrifice those tasty ribs. Grill up anything that your heart desires with one of the on-site patio grills. There are multiple stations so several folks can grill at once.
  3. Fitness Center: The fitness center is complete with cardio equipment, free weights, yoga, and more. Watch your favorite shows while you get the blood pumping, or tune into a workout video to workout alongside expert trainers.
  4. Dog Park and Doggie Wash: There’s also a fenced in area that’s designated for dogs to play. Your pup can get to know his neighbors and have time to explore the great outdoors. Afterwards, you can give him a great bath in one of the doggie wash stations. Save your bathroom, and take advantage of the easy-to-use tub system to get your dog the best bath. Bathing him won’t be a chore anymore.

Where you live is more than floorspace and the walls that separate you; find a place that welcomes you, your family, and your pets. From the interior features to the exterior amenities, Essex Chase has thought about all of the little comforts that make you feel at home.

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