Apps That Can Help You Save Money

Money. There just never seems to be enough of it. Of course, if you’re like most people you’re always looking for different ways to save a little cash. After all, who couldn’t use a few extra dollars in their pocket? And, while people often jokingly say, “There’s probably an app for that,” when [...]

Unique Ideas for Additional Storage

When you look around your apartment, what’s the one thing you wish you had more of? While you may wish for an extra room or an additional half bath, one of the most common answers that people reply is – storage. And the great thing about wanting more storage is that you can make it […]

10 Best Housewarming Gifts

Do you have friends or family moving into a new place? Are they having a little housewarming party or have they invited you over for dinner? If yes, you might be thinking about what you could get them for a housewarming gift. It can be hard to come up with original gifts. But there are […]

Date Day/Night Ideas Near Glassboro, NJ

When was the last time you planned a date? Has it been a while? Then it’s time to look at the calendar and pick a time! If you always seem to do the same thing and head to the same place when it’s time for a date, take a look at this list for some […]

The Benefits of Massage

Do you regularly schedule massages, or are you amongst the many American adults who have never had one? Less than 10% of the adult U.S. population has tried massage therapy. That’s a relatively small percentage for a treatment that has lots of benefits.  You may not be sure if massage is right [...]

Love to Camp? Maybe You Need These Things

When it comes to summertime activities, what do you like to do? Do you like to take a vacation to the beach? Do you enjoy spending time at a quiet lake? Or, do you like to head for the woods and do some camping?  If camping is your thing, there is all sorts of cool […]

BBQ and Picnic Area Etiquette

When summer comes along, many people love the warmer weather as they can get outside to grill or have a picnic. While most folks living in an apartment can’t have a grill on their patio or balcony due to fire code restrictions, at Essex Chase there’s a community picnic and grilling area for [...]

Wedding Gifts They’ll Love

Do you have any weddings to attend this summer? Summer is prime wedding season after all. It’s the time when happy couples are tying the knot and sharing the day with their family and friends.  Of course, this means you need to find the perfect gift for the pair. That can be a bit stressful. [...]

How to Save Money on Your Groceries

When it comes to your monthly budget, there are certain things you know you have to include. Rent, utilities, car payment, and cell phone are just a few things that come to mind. Oh, and of course…groceries. You may be feeling like every time you head to the supermarket that your bill [...]

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