How To Make A Global Impact From Your Living Room

Even though we all live in confined spaces, we still have an impact on each other. We share natural resources, trade with other nations, and breathe the same air as everyone else on this planet. We are fortunate to live in a country that has access to clean water, takes pollution seriously, and [...]

Top 10 Places to Meet Friends as an Adult

Life has pulled you in so many directions, and the things that used to interest you don’t anymore. You want to have a social life and meet people, but the bar scene isn’t where you want to go. Staying at the house is great every now and then, but it’s also nice to get out […]

7 Best Cat Breeds For Families

When living in an apartment, space becomes a big question. You want to have a lovable housepet, who will compliment you and your family’s needs. Cats are a great, low maintenance pet who will still play and love on you. There are tons of breeds out there, and each one has unique personality [...]

6 Best Small Dogs for Apartment Living

Furry friends make the best company, especially for living in an apartment. Coming home to a happy sloppy kiss and a wagging tail will always make you smile. You can find the perfect breed for your family depending on the size, activity level, and cleanliness you are able to support. Here are [...]

How To Cook With and Care for Cast Iron Pans

Cast iron pans and skillets have been around for centuries. They are one of the best cooking tools that chefs of any skill level should have in the kitchen. Unlike most things, the cast iron skillet gets better over time. The more you use it, the more flavor it acquires. It’s highly durable, [...]

4 Fall Crafts to Do With The Kids

Fall is finally here! It’s time for Halloween, leaves, bright colors, and pumpkins. Help your kids decorate the house by doing great fall crafts with them. It’ll make great memories for you, and give you plenty of fall decorations to cover each room in. No matter where you look, you’ll be [...]

Smart Ways to Motivate Yourself to Work Out

You want to workout more, but you are having a hard time sticking with it. Exercise is hard work, and it can be hard to push forward when you’re already tired from work, and the couch seems much more inviting. Change how you are doing things to give yourself a bigger push to stick with […]

How to Have a Sharper Memory

Your brain is an amazing thing. Each part of your brain is continuously working to do many different functions at the same time. One part tells your heart to breathe, another tells your body how to walk, and other parts help you form thoughts and words to communicate with others. As we age, our [...]

Glassboro, NJ Things to Do/Places to Visit

Become a tourist in your own town by visiting the hidden locations that make it unique. You’ll learn about your city and get to know how it came to be, all while being entertained by local artists and performers. No matter how small a city is, there is always history waiting to be found. Here [...]