Proper Etiquette at the Fitness Center

Living in an apartment means you might make some friends and meet new people! Make sure you know how to be a good neighbor by learning the proper etiquette on sharing the amenities. Be mindful of others and how your actions can impact them. By cleaning up after yourself, you create a pleasant [...]

Best Dog Breeds for Small Apartments

What’s a home without a pet? Everyone needs a happy roommate who can’t wait for you to come home. It will make you smile, and give you company on weeknights and weekends. Different personalities and different lifestyles are better suited for different breeds. See which dog breed is right for [...]

Easy Ways to Incorporate More Veggies Into Your Diet

If you don’t have your health, then you don’t have anything at all. Our diet has fallen into a rut with excess fats and carbs on our plates for every meal. Let’s break out of that cycle and start adding more vegetables to our diet every day. The natural fiber, vitamins, and minerals that you [...]

How to Know If You’re Ready to Adopt A Pet

You’re an animal lover through and through, but you still don’t have a pet. You’ve been itching to adopt a pet, but you’re still on the fence about it. Here are 5 basic things that you need to consider before you decide to adopt: Your motivation for having a pet: Ask yourself why you want […]

Is Online Dating Right For Me?

The search for love is never ending. In ancient times, there was Cupid and Aphrodite, but now, we have to rely on charm and timing. Our demanding lifestyle leaves us with little time to get to know people, which is why so many are turning to the internet for help. In the past ten years, […]

Spotlight on Essex Chase Amenities

The Essex Chase Apartments want you to feel at home with all of the modern touches. These new luxury apartments are decked out with the latest home trends in a quiet community. One of the most convenient factors is its great location next to the interstate. It makes getting to work and back, or [...]

Tips for Living With A Cat In An Apartment

You have a new apartment, but it’s getting a little lonely. You don’t have the space for a dog, so a cat would be a perfect fit for you. Before you bring home your new pet, think about a few things to get your house ready. Cats are simple and low maintenance pets, but there […]