Tips for Living With A Cat In An Apartment

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You have a new apartment, but it’s getting a little lonely. You don’t have the space for a dog, so a cat would be a perfect fit for you. Before you bring home your new pet, think about a few things to get your house ready. Cats are simple and low maintenance pets, but there is some effort that is involved.

  1. Keep the Litter Box Clean: This is one of the top priorities you need to have as a cat owner. It’s not the prettiest job in the world, but it is necessary. You need to keep your cats litter box clean. If not, the litter can get out of hand very quick. In an apartment, the space is smaller and smells are hard to avoid. You don’t want to constantly feel like you are living in your cat’s litter box, so clean it out about once a day. Make it a simple habit to scoop, sweep, and refresh every day to keep you and your cat happy.
  2. Everything is Shared: There isn’t a table top or a countertop that your cat can’t access. Keep that in mind when you are decorating. If you put several breakable items on a table next to a window, something will get knocked off as your cat tries to cat some sun rays in the morning. Either fasten down the things that you want to keep out on display, or replace them with less breakable items. For example, you could use plastic picture frames instead of glass.
  3. Vacuum Hair: Cats shed constantly, which means that you’re constantly covered in it. Keep a little mini vacuum on hand so you can hit the surface that you sit on, like the sofa. Vacuum up the entire floor and surfaces about once a week, if not more. If your cat lets you, try brushing your pet with a special comb designed to pull out loose fur. It’s great for your black slack, and it will help Fluffy not have as many hairballs.
  4. Give Them Space to Play: Even older cats need a space to call their own. You may have a small apartment which is new territory to your cats. It’s easy to think that they just need a little box and a few mouse toys to be happy, but cats need their own space, too. Especially when relocating to a new area, it’s important for them to have a homebase for them to retreat to. Make it something dark, covered, and warm so that they feel protected and safe. They also need to have some floor space to run around and chase their tails every now and then. Bond with your little fur balls by playing with them. When they get all of their energy out, then they’ll sleep better through the night. If they sleep better, then everyone sleeps better.

Every cat is a little different, and each one has their own personalities. Some cats are friendly and love to talk, others like to sit and watch you have a great time. Either way, when you follow these simple tips, you and your little kitty will be the perfect roommates together.

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