Is Online Dating Right For Me?

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The search for love is never ending. In ancient times, there was Cupid and Aphrodite, but now, we have to rely on charm and timing. Our demanding lifestyle leaves us with little time to get to know people, which is why so many are turning to the internet for help. In the past ten years, online dating has spiked and is becoming increasing popular. There are a lot of great positives for online dating, but it also comes with some negatives. Consider both to see if online dating is right for you.


  1. Great for shy people: Everyone has a slightly different personality, and dating can be extremely difficult for introverts. You could have the best personality, but no one will ever know if you are too shy to say “hello.” The degree of separation that the computer brings eases the fear that shy people have, and makes rejection less painful. One of the main reasons why shy people don’t reach out is because they care deeply about what the other person thinks. To have them reject them is earth-shattering. Online dating has allowed so many introverts to become more bold and talk to people that they would never speak to in a “normal” daily setting.
  2. Opens up your pool of potential partners exponentially: As work hours increase, your free time decreases. It’s hard to make time to go out and naturally meet people. As you age, life changes in many different ways.  Your friends move, they get married, have kids, and take on demanding workloads, which makes getting together significantly more difficult. The traditional “mutual friend” meet up starts to become few and far between. With online dating, you open up the world to you. You can find someone who has the same personal beliefs, political affiliations, and passions as you do with the click of a button.
  3. You already have an idea of who they are: When some posts a profile, they include a bio of who they are and what they like. You can immediately get a sense of who that person is and if you’re going to be compatible. When you go on your first date, you already have common ground that you can discuss. It eases the awkward pauses and helps you get to know someone faster and on a deeper level.


  1. Too many options: By having the entire world at your fingertips, you have a wide array of people to choose from, but at that same time–you may get lost in the sea of people. Too many options can make finding “the one” like searching for a needle in the haystack. You can easily get frustrated or overwhelmed with a series of disappointing conversations.
  2. A high focus on physical appearance: All you have to go on is a picture and a brief paragraph. You immediately make a decision to message or pass on a person depending on how they look in a photograph. It’s easy to become superficial about who you choose to date when you have little information to go on.
  3. Can become a crutch: People who are shy can start to avoid making conversation with people out in the real world because online dating has become easier for them. You could miss out on an excellent opportunity by relying to heavily on dating apps.

A great photo and an award winning bio will never replace a genuine smile and positive attitude. One of the most attractive things to anyone in the dating world is finding someone who cares for others. Before you jump online and start making profiles, consider why you want to start dating, and who you are looking for. The best place to start with online and offline dating is knowing yourself.

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