Best Secret Santa Gift Ideas Under $25

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Gifts can be tricky, especially when you’re on a budget! If you’ve ever been a part of a secret Santa party, then you know how hard it is to think of things that are useful, and something that a secret Santa receiver will actually enjoy. Not to mention, keeping your budget in mind. We’ve put together a unique list of gift ideas to get your secret Santa gift inspiration rolling.

  1.    Iridescent Terrarium Planter: The hottest horticulture trend right now is succulents. Everyone wants little planters of succulents to decorate any little nook. They’re the perfect plants because they require little attention, always look fabulous, and add that bright touch of green to liven up any space.
  2.    Taco Holder: Taco Tuesday just got a little better. Keep your sleeves clean while stuffing your face with a taco holder shaped like a dinosaur. Kids and adults will love it. It’s hilarious and functional, which will make it the envy of the Secret Santa Game.
  3.    8-in-1 Kitchen Tool: This amazing product will save you space and money in the kitchen. This little gadget juices, strains, grates, mashes, and more. Perfect for the chef in your life.
  4.    Bicycle Coffee Cup Holder: The Bar-ista was designed for the cyclist commuter in mind. We know you want to be environmentally conscious, but it can be hard to enjoy your favorite hot beverage with 2 hands on the steering bar. Now, you can have it all with hot coffee and saving the planet, one bike ride at a time.
  5.    Bacon Press: Who wouldn’t love a bacon press? This gift spans across gender and age because bacon unites us all. This handy little press will make sure that your favorite breakfast meat cooks evenly every time. It’s a definite must in every kitchen.
  6.    Beard Kit: The rugged look is here to stay, and we like it. Keep the bearded fellow in your life looking extra dapper with a full beard kit. His flowing locks of facial hair will be trimmed and conditioned to perfection.
  7.    Golfball Stamp: Take his golf game to the next level with the golfball stamp. It’s a small handheld stamper that you can customize with initials, a logo, or any image. He’ll be the envy of the green with his officially printed golfballs.
  8.    Prima Coffee Dripper: For the highly caffeinated coffee lover in your life. The office coffee is typically more like high-octane mud. Leave that sludge behind with your own coffee dripper that fits at your desk. It’s low tech, with high flavor.
  9.    Cellfie Cross Stitch: There’s always that one person that you never know quite what to get. They’re nerdy (but in a good way), funny, and a little crafty. So what do you get? The “Let’s Take a Cellfie” cross-stitch. It’ll hit their nerdy funny bone, and give them something to be proud to make and hang on the wall. Oh, and it’s only $3, so it’s a definite must.

From kid-friendly, to the environmentally-friendly, there’s a little something for anyone on this list. Start with one of these ideas, and click through to similar items to find that perfect gift for that special someone this year. They’ll be pleasantly surprised at your unique and thoughtful gift!


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