Ideas for Quick & Easy Breakfast Meals

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Early mornings are a major rush for most families. Everything is go, go, go and we need our meals to match. There’s no reason to sacrifice nutrition for ease; you can still have grab-and-go breakfast meals that everyone will love–even when you’re in a time crunch. Here are some quick and easy breakfast ideas that the whole family will love.

  1.    Yogurt parfait: It’s a classic combination, and so delicious. Put some fresh fruit in a cup, add a few dollops of Greek yogurt, and pour on some crumbled granola with oats and nuts. Toss in a spoon, and there you have it: a breakfast that has protein, healthy fats, and satisfies the sweet tooth all in one cup that you can eat on the way to work. Yum!
  2.    Oatmeal + Fruit: Add some fiber to your mornings with a warm bowl of oatmeal. It doesn’t matter if it’s instant or steel cut oats that are cooked over night. Oats are simple and easy to make, and most require almost no effort at all. Jazz up a regular bowl of oatmeal with your favorite fruits and spices. Throw it all in a cup, just like the parfait, and you’re ready for a morning on the go! It’s more nutritious than any fast food sandwich, and it will keep you full for hours.
  3.    Mini Quiche: This one will take a little bit of prep time, but your taste buds will thank you. You can choose to make these with or without pie crust. Brown some breakfast sausage or cook some bacon. Sautee a few veggies, and throw these into muffin pans. Crack and whisk several eggs together. Then pour the egg over each one, and put it in the oven until the egg is cooked through. You can store these little mini quiches in the fridge and grab them in the morning for a tasty way to start your morning.
  4.    Muffins: I’m not talking about your regular sugar-filled muffins. I’m talking about protein packed, fiber filled, and incredibly yummy muffins! These also will take a little bit of prep, but it’s definitely worth it. Our favorite is the cinnamon pumpkin muffins! Some are these are vegan, and some are gluten-free. Check out each one, and see which is your favorite.
  5.    Breakfast bars: Simple, savory, and sweet. By putting a few ingredients together, you can have a tasty breakfast bar that can fit into any morning routine. The best part about this recipe is that it’s no-bake! Add in some nuts, oats, dried fruits, and some peanut butter to hold it all together. You can drizzle on some Nutella or sprinkle in some chocolate chips to make it more appetizing to kids (or just because).
  6.    Smoothies: If you’re anything like me, then you’re not a fan of eating in the morning. It’s not that I don’t love breakfast foods—I do—it’s more about not wanting to eat something heavy. Having a drink, on the other hand, sounds perfect. By making your own power-packed smoothie drink, you can get the boost you need without the feeling of a heavy meal. Take a few simple ingredients, blend them together in a blender or food processor, and pour it in a tumbler to take to work. For added energy or antioxidants, you can toss in pieces of ginger root, honey, or turmeric.

With a little bit of prep work, you and your family can have a healthier start to the day. You’ll notice that you have more energy through the day, are able to focus more, and possibility have less sugar cravings as the day goes on. A good start sets you up for a great day, and these quick and easy breakfast ideas are the perfect way to start your day!

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