Prep/Decorate Your Home or Apartment for the Holidays on a Budget

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As you’re decorating your house for the holidays, there are some obvious ones that you have to have, like the tree. But, what about the rest of the house? Here are some excellent holiday ideas to put your whole living space in the Christmas spirit that won’t break the bank.

Holiday Candles: Nothing makes the whole house feel more like the holidays than a wintery scent that permeates throughout the rooms. Try out a few different fragrances to see which ones you like the most. There’s anything from food-inspired smells, such as warm vanilla, gingerbread cookies, and cinnamon spice, to crisp woodsy scents like pine, juniper berry, and cedar musk. Each has a unique feel and association with it. See which one sparks your memories and makes you feel the most Christmas-y.

Hand soaps: Similar to the candles, holiday hand soaps can remind you all day of the warm fuzzy feelings of Christmas. When you wash your hands, the scent stays with you in a subtle way that can bring back great memories as you decorate the rest of the house. Wash with scents like warm red apple or blackberry mint and you’ll catch yourself smelling your hands all day.

Bathroom/kitchen supplies: All of the little knickknacks around the house can be switched out for festive ones. Change out hand towels for a cost effective way to bring holiday cheer to even the smallest rooms. Cook with a Christmas inspired apron and oven mitts as you sing along to your favorite holiday songs.

Table settings: Change out your place settings with festive holiday dinnerware. You can go with a simple red and white print for the plates, or you can make it fancy with gold leaf china and gold stitched placemats or napkins. It all depends on the style of your home and what kind of parties you’ll be throwing. The kids will love to see Santa’s rosy cheeks as they clear their plates, or you can impress your parents with the classy china set.

Centerpieces: Place a little something extra in the center of every surface. You can bring the Christmas spirit to the dinner table, coffee table, nightstands, and counter space all with a centerpiece. You can use a flower vase or wooden box to craft a holiday focal point that brings the whole room together. You can put your favorite decorations in the container to liven up the space. Place different sized round ornaments together in a glass vase and tie a ribbon around the outside. Or, you can arrange some greenery and holly to go in the boxes. You can mix and match styles throughout the house to keep things interesting.

By adding a holiday touch to all of the little things that you use every day will bring your whole house to life. You can create a Christmas home without going overboard on decorations by switching out the little things. Saving money here will give you more for gifts under the tree. Fill your home with warm scents, great laughter around the table, and snuggle up on the couch to your favorite Christmas classic movie.

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