Spruce Up Your Apartment on a Budget

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Is your apartment looking like you dreamed it would? Does it look like it should be featured on an episode of HGTV, or could it use a little sprucing up? If you think it’s the latter, then maybe it’s time to give your place a bit of an update.

But, unlike those designers on HGTV, you probably don’t have a big budget that allows for expensive furniture and artwork. So what’s someone on a budget supposed to do?

Don’t worry! There are lots of ways to give your place a refresh and not break the bank. 

  • Take a Look at Your Walls: Your walls are a great place to start when it comes to updating the look of your home. Whether it be a big wall or a small wall, you can make a huge impact on your space by changing it up. But what can you do?
    • Removable Wallpaper: Use removable wallpaper to change the look. Chasing Paper has some incredible designs from which to choose.
    • Decals: Like removable wallpaper, you can find decals in various designs to match your interior design style. You can even have some custom made on a site such as Etsy.
    • Paint an Accent Wall: Of course, painting an accent wall is always a good choice.
  • Update Your Storage: If you have a lot of clutter, that may be keeping your home from looking its best. It can be distracting and make your place look messy. By simply updating your storage, you can get rid of the clutter and update your style. Check out sites like Wayfair or Overstock.com to see what storage solutions are available – and that are a design and budget match. 
  • Get New Art: Like changing up your walls, changing your art can have a big impact, too. And, while you may think that art is expensive, it doesn’t have to be. If you have a good printer, you can print your own art and pick up some inexpensive frames. Also, think about grouping smaller art pieces together to make a bigger impact. And, if you’re looking to purchase new art, take a look at websites such as iCanvas and Minted.
  • New Rugs: Area rugs are great for changing up the look of your flooring. They can go just about anywhere, and they’re easy to change out – even seasonally. Rugs Direct has some excellent choices and as do Wayfair and Overstock.com.
  • Refurbish Something You Currently Don’t Love: Do you have a piece of furniture that you don’t really love, but it’s too nice to get rid of? Then think about how you might change it up. A coat of paint or some new hardware might be just what you need to create something you actually like.
  • Brighten It Up: Lighting is more important than you know when it comes to creating a cohesive look for your home. If the space is too dark, it can look small and cramped. If it’s too bright, it can seem cold and unwelcoming. Lamps (both floor lamps and table lamps) are fantastic for setting the mood.
  • Shop Sales: Of course, you want to shop sales. Follow the old adage, “Never pay full price – for anything!” If you’re an online shopper, lots of websites allow you to set alerts, so you’ll know when something you want is discounted. Additionally, watch for seasonal sales and those centered around holidays.
  • Shop Thrift Shops: If you’re not checking your local thrift shops for bargains – then you are missing out. Many people donate items that are in excellent to almost new condition – and you can pick them up for a steal. 
  • Shop Online Groups: Lastly, check your local online groups to see what people are getting rid of. “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” is a true statement!

Giving your apartment a style refresh doesn’t mean you have to max out your credit cards. Use these tips and a little creativity, and you’ll soon have your apartment looking like a million bucks.

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