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Glassboro, New Jersey, is a town that is rich with history. As the name may suggest, Glassboro has long been known as a central place for the glassmaking industry dating all the way back to 1779. In addition, there is a widely recognized art program at a local college, and Glassboro has been home to many political events throughout history. Even though it may not be as popular as some other areas in New Jersey, here’s a look at some of interesting facts that make Glassboro such a great place.

Built On The Blue Collar

As mentioned, Glassboro has been known for being a staple in the glassmaking industry for centuries. This originally started in 1779 thanks to the efforts of a man named Solomon Stranger, and many other big name glass companies have called Glassboro home over the years. But while glassmaking may be the most common industry, there are plenty of other blue collar workers that make up this area of New Jersey. As you’d come to expect in the Garden State, Glassboro is made up of a diverse community of hardworking individuals coming together to make the community great. It’s been like this since the days of Mr. Stranger, and it’s sure to be like this for years to come.

Downtown GlassboroPresident Johnson’s Summit Conference

Glassboro is currently home to Rowan University, a liberal arts school known for its superior art program. Founded originally in 1923, Rowan University was originally named Glassboro State College. Nearly 44 years later, this small school would get national attention thanks to the Glassboro Summit Conference. The conference involved talks between President Lyndon B. Johnson and the Soviet Premier Alexi Kosygin, during a tumultuous 1967. To this day, the summit remains one of the most highlighted events to take place in Glassboro. Even though the town has had plenty to experience, the fact that such a hotly debated conversation took place within the walls of what is now Rowan University is truly something to marvel over.

Fun For Everyone

The residents of Glassboro love their community because of how much there is to do here. As with many other townships in the American Northeast, Glassboro offers a mix of traditional experiences with modern appeal. For example, the Glassboro Heritage Glass Museum offers people the opportunity to step back in time to see just how important the glass industry is to the American economy. There’s also Deptford Mall, which offers a host of shopping options for apparel, shoes, food, and more. Families also love Glassboro because of the many recreational areas, like New Street Park and Robinson Field. Whatever it is you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it in Glassboro.

Glassboro is a classic township that is rooted with historical value. From presidential moments to recreating an entire industry, Glassboro has always been vital to New Jersey. And as the community continues to modernize with other areas in the Garden State, you can bet that Glassboro will only continue to have more interesting facts to add to it’s accolades.

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