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Glassboro, New Jersey, has a deep history that was founded on glass manufacturing. Originally a township formed in 1878, Glassboro is now a borough of Gloucester County, consisting of over 18,000 people. Among those residents include students at Rowan University. With plenty of university students, families, and tourists looking for historical insight, Glassboro has a bit of something for everyone.

Here is a look at some of the most exciting things to do in Glassboro, as well as a few other activities that are worth a short drive outside of town.

Heritage Glass Museum

Not only is the Heritage Glass Museum one of the best activities to take part in while in Glassboro, but it’s also a chance to relive history. This museum offers a look into the history of glassmaking in Glassboro and throughout the world. In addition, they offer rotating glass exhibits, such as the Got Milk Exhibit taking place in fall of 2015. With over half-a-century in history, you will find plenty of educational and entertainment value at the Heritage Glass Museum.

Glassboro-MapSouth Jersey Museum of American History

Another option for both education and adventure comes with the South Jersey Museum of American History. However, what started as a museum focused on American history has now shifted towards an all-encompassing experience that your kids will love. During the summer there are special camps for children that are out of school. In addition, many of those educational experiences can also be taken part in throughout the year if you and your family stop by on your own. The South Jersey Museum of American History is still relevant in today’s modern world, and your kids will surely get a kick out of the fun you have while you’re here.

Rowan University Art Gallery

Rowan University is known for having one of the most recognized art programs in the country. With a program that is continually expanding, there are now two locations in Glassboro. Both of them are worth visiting, as they offer differing attractions throughout the year. With such a diverse and growing community for college students, you can get a glimpse into the future of art at the Rowan University Art Gallery.

PBs Diner & Tap Room

After a day of museums and art, your stomach will be begging for something tasty. Luckily for you, PBs Diner and Tap Room is right around the corner. With specials and events every day, you’ll always be walking into a great time at PBs. On Saturday they offer live music, comedy shows, and even open mic options. The entertainment is second only to the food, as both make for an excellent experience here at PBs.

Summit City Farms and Winery

Looking for something special that just the two of you can enjoy? If so, the Summit City Farms & Winery in Glassboro is perfect for some alone time. This winery offers over 15 different varietals, which will be sure to please your palette. And in such a romantic setting, it’s the perfect getaway for you and someone special.

Glassboro is a town that is rich in history. As the community continues to grow and build, there is plenty of things to take part in. Consider these things to do in Glassboro next time you’re in town and looking for fun.

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