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Become a tourist in your own town by visiting the hidden locations that make it unique. You’ll learn about your city and get to know how it came to be, all while being entertained by local artists and performers. No matter how small a city is, there is always history waiting to be found. Here are the best places to visit in Glassboro, NJ:

  1. Heritage Glass Museum: This small brick building houses an antique collection of 200+ year old glass. Since the founding of our nation, Glassboro has been a major producer of glassware, and continued to be for hundreds of years. In fact, Glassboro produced so much glass that it was named after it! At the Heritage Glass Museum, you can see old glassware, glass-making tools, and learn how people used them. You’ll learn about the history of culture and society through the ages, as well as the history behind the city. It’s a free museum open to the public with volunteers who help staff the museum. Support your city’s history by visiting.
  2. Summit City Farms & Winery: The Farm section of Summit City has been in existence since 1922. They produce peaches, apples, and nectarines, as well as a few other crops. These crops support their winery, which is known for semi-sweet, fruity wines. It’s the perfect summer wine for sipping on warm evenings. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable and can help find the perfect wine for you. It’s fun to try out the different wines, taste the different flavor profiles, and gain a deeper understanding of wine making. You can find live bands playing a few nights throughout the week. There’s country music, oldies, and jazz bands that make regular appearances. You can also be the star during karaoke nights!
  3. The Broadway Theatre: The Broadway Theatre is a historic theatre that has been recently renovated to accommodate modern amenities. The staff and performers are all highly professional and are known for putting on a great show. You can see big acts and broadway shows without the hassle of traveling into NYC. Through the month of September, you can find the show Evita.  
  4. Rowan University Art Gallery: Take advantage of the University’s gallery. There’s student work as well as professional work from renowned artists that rotate on display. The gallery will be closed until the first week of September. The opening show of Heather Ujiie will feature textiles and bright colors in graphic illustrations to express a mythical world. The gallery is free and is a fantastic way to spend an afternoon! Go with friends to discuss what you like and dislike as well as what the different pieces of art mean to you.  

Any of these Glassboro locations are perfect for taking visitors to show off your city. You can also use these ideas as date night ideas, or go on a solo adventure by yourself to learn more about where you live. Shopping local and spending time in the local areas will enrich you and your community.

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