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Living in an apartment means sometimes you have to get a little creative when it comes to storage and closet space. You don’t want to cram everything in one spot and hope for the best. Here are a few closet organization tips that will allow you to easily see and access everything you need.

  1. Use Stylish Baskets: You can store more in one location when you use a basket. It can also visually break up the closet space you’re able to notice more things in the room. Try using a wicker basket, or choose a color that you like. Before you buy one, measure the space that the basket would fit in. Make sure that the basket works in that space before you buy it. Having an oversized basket sitting on a shelf will only make things look more sloppy.
  2. Hook on Wall Space: Take advantage of all of the open space. If there’s unused space on the wall, then attach hooks and rods to make that space usable. Hang ties, belts, necklaces, or scarves with this open space.
  3. Boot Organizer: If you haven’t seen one of these things, then you are about to be impressed. This is going to save you tons of floor space, as well as keep your boots in good repair until the next season.
  4. Change Your Hangers: Clunky wooden hangers may look nice, but they take a great deal of space. You can fit over 50% more clothes in your closet with a thin hanger. Thin doesn’t mean cheap or flimsy. You can find good hangers that have felt over them to grab clothes to keep them from slipping with a sturdy plastic frame that can hold the heaviest coat.
  5. Add Another Bar: If you need more space to have things, then add another bar. Double your closet space by making a small addition. It’s simple, looks clean, and so effective. This is easy to assemble and add to any existing closet hanger. The only thing you need to be mindful of is the space underneath the existing hanger. Measure it out to make sure that you’ll have enough space for the clothes to hang without falling on top of each other.  
  6. Shoe Hanger on the Door: Shoes take up so much floor space when scattered everywhere. Keep pairs of shoes together and neatly organized in an easy to reach spot by hanging them on the door. It’s out of sight, and takes advantage of extra space on the door.
  7. Add Extra Top Shelving: You have the top shelf already covered in purses and spare sheets for the bed. You still have extra things that you need to tuck away, but don’t have anywhere to put them. Add another layer to your top shelf. Put another shelf close to the ceiling and put things that are rarely used, or seasonal items that need to be switched out. Store large comforters here in the summertime, and put your beach towels here during the wintertime.
  8. Purge: One of the best ways to make extra space in your closet is to get rid of the things that you don’t need anymore. Go through all of your garments, and have a critical eye. Does it have stains, tears, or is it faded and worn out? If so, it automatically goes in the donate pile. Try on pieces to make sure that they still fit you well. Ask yourself if you’d buy this again if you’re struggling on whether to keep it or toss it.

Doing a thorough organization job will save you time and money later on down the road. You’ll be able to use all of the things that you already own, and see exactly what you are lacking when you go to the store. Make mornings a breeze with your beautifully-organized closet thanks to these closet organization tips.

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