Best Dog Breeds for Small Apartments

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What’s a home without a pet? Everyone needs a happy roommate who can’t wait for you to come home. It will make you smile, and give you company on weeknights and weekends. Different personalities and different lifestyles are better suited for different breeds. See which dog breed is right for you!

  1. Basenji: These beautiful guys are perfect for those who live in small apartments with thin walls. They are barkless dogs who rarely get over two feet tall. They are excellent companions, but they can also be a little mischievous. They need a good amount of attention and outdoor playtime, too.
  2. Bichon Frise: These tiny little guys don’t get over one foot tall. They are small, compact, and lightweight, but full of energy. They need to have lots of playtime to keep them out of trouble. They don’t shed like other breeds do, which makes maintaining the apartment super easy. They lose hair similar to how a human loses hair, so the floors won’t be covered in mounds of hair every day.
  3. Chinese Crested: These dogs are super loveable little fashionistas. This breed is the perfect housemate for someone who is low energy. They love lazy days in bed, and are great cuddlers. They are very laid-back, and are perfect for the low-maintenance pet parent.
  4. French Bulldog: Frenchies make excellent apartment dogs because of their compact size and attitude. They are loyal friends who love affection. They thrive on human interaction, and love a good lap to lay in. They also make excellent guard dogs because they don’t bark unless it’s something warranted.
  5. Maltese: Maltese are beautiful dogs with graceful locks of hair. They aren’t shedders, which is great for those with allergies and for anyone who doesn’t love cleaning dog hair constantly. They do have a tough time being alone, however. Separation anxiety from their trusted owner makes them upset, so this breed is best suited for a homebody who has lots of time for this little guy.
  6. German Spitz: These robust dogs are intelligent and easily trained. They attach themselves closely with their owners, and distrust any strangers, which makes for a good watchdog. They don’t mind extreme weather, and love to play indoors or outdoors.
  7. Yorkshire Terrier: Yorkies are precious little dogs with a beautiful grey and brown coat. They rarely shed, which is perfect for apartment living. They are active, but a daily walk will be plenty for them. Yorkies always come in small packages with big personalities. Expect to be entertained by this one.
  8. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: These are considered a toy breed, but they have the personality of a cocker spaniel. It’s easy to fall in love with these laid-back, easy to manage pups. They are mild-mannered and affectionate towards humans, which makes them the perfect addition to any apartment.

Make sure that you have the time and money to devote to the new member of the family before you bring them home. It’s not fair to them to fall in love with you, only to have to be rehomed. Give them all the love and attention that they need. Remember, first try to adopt from rescue shelters before shopping with breeders!

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