Girls Night In: 7 Unique/Fun Group Activities for Friends

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Every woman is in need of regular girl nights with her closest besties. It’s that perfect time where you vent all of your frustrations, get the best advice, and laugh until you cry. It should be a monthly event to keep friendships close. Going out to eat and hitting the bars gets boring after a while. Forget about the noisy crowds and overpriced drinks. Have a Girls Night In instead!

  1. Prosecco Pong: Beer pong is a college classic, but it’s time to pass the torch. Elevate your style and class by trading in your Bud Lites for a fancy prosecco! Use plastic open rimmed champagne glasses for your game. Narrow little flutes will be almost impossible to play with. Divide the girls up into two teams and let each girl take a chance at tossing the ping pong ball. If the competition gets fierce enough, you can host a championship match to give your winning girls bragging rights!
  2. Wine and Paint Party at the house: We’ve all heard of the wine and paint parties. They are a blast, and afterwards, you have something fun to hang at the house to remember the fun times. What if I told you, the artist can come to you. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to have a great night with the girls! Keep on the stretchy pants, and forget about putting on makeup–it’s time to relax.
  3. Make Door Hangers: AC Moore and Michaels have all the craft supplies you’ll ever need. Stop in to one of these stores and have the ladies buy a wood cut that they like. Host everyone over for a tapas dinner and drinks, while everyone decorates their door hangers. Share the paint, glue, and glitter while you make door hanging magic. Every time you come to the house, you’ll get to think of the great night you had with your close friends.
  4. Around the World Potluck: Have your group of lady friends bring over a dish that is native to their heritage. If they are drawing a blank, have them bring a family traditional dish to share with everyone. Try to give everyone a dinner specific meal so they have an idea of what to bring. For example, tell one to bring the veggie side, one for the fruits, and another for the dessert. It’ll be a table from around the entire world.
  5. Pillow Forts and Movies: You’re never too old for chick-flicks in a pile of plush pillows. Throw every pillow that you own on the floor, and pull out all of the blankets to cover the floor. Get a bunch of popcorn, and tons of ice cream, and fire up a fun movie that everyone can enjoy.
  6. Charcuterie and Cheese Boards: Everyone loves a great cheese board. Nothing goes better with cheese than meat and wine. Make a tapas night out of it, and have little finger foods for the entire meal.
  7. Pancakes and Pajamas: Sleepovers are not overrated. Keep the fun going the entire night with a girls sleepover! Have a gourmet pancake breakfast in the morning to curb everyone’s hangover. It’ll be a night to remember, until the next one!

All of these are simple, but they are the best ways to really connect to your friends. It’s a quiet setting, where you can talk about whatever’s on your mind and let your weirdness show while you laugh til it hurts. You don’t have to overplan to have a great event. The main thing is having the ladies over. Once they are there, you’re guaranteed to have a great night!

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