6 Best Small Dogs for Apartment Living

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Furry friends make the best company, especially for living in an apartment. Coming home to a happy sloppy kiss and a wagging tail will always make you smile. You can find the perfect breed for your family depending on the size, activity level, and cleanliness you are able to support. Here are six of the best small dogs for apartment living:

  1. Bichon Frise: If you are looking for a low maintenance dog that doesn’t shed, then a bichon might be the perfect dog for you. This breed is ideal for people who are allergy suffers because their hair is like human hair. The don’t produce a lot of dander, which makes them hypoallergenic. They make excellent family dogs because they don’t require a lot of complex stimulation. This breed is very friendly and interacts with people well.
  2. Dachshunds: The classic “weiner dog” is a great breed for apartment dwellers. They do have higher energy than other breeds, but they are easy to train. Another plus is that they don’t shed much because they have short hair. They make great playmates for families with small children.
  3. French Bulldog: French Bulldogs are also known as “Frenchies.” If you like bulldogs, but want a small dog, then frenchies are for you. They are good family dogs because they are loving, but like all bulldogs, they are stubborn, which makes them difficult to train. If you aren’t going to be home that often due to work and extracurricular activities, then Frenchies are a great option. They are low energy and enjoy a good snooze. This breed can be prone to nasal issues, so you need to clean inside the folds of the snout to prevent illness.
  4. Maltese: These dogs are great for apartments because of their size and sociability.. They enjoy people’s company and aren’t aggressive or easily agitated in public situations. They do, however, require grooming for their hair regularly, and can be vocal.
  5. Shetland Sheepdog: This one may surprise you out of the entire bunch. This breed is great if you like the energy and trainability of a working breed without the size. They are eager to please their owners, and make very loyal pets. Their energy level is a little more than others, so they will need some outdoor activity. With 30-60 minutes of activity a day, they will be great indoors. They will conform to their environment and be obedient indoors and outdoors.
  6. Terriers: All terriers are hunting dogs, which means that they have high energy and like to burrow. They also make good lap dogs for when they are in the house, but they need to have an outdoor outlet. Make sure that you are able to give your pet some space to run free for about 30 minutes or more a day.

Once you get a pet, they’ll immediately become part of your family. Before shopping for your next pet, look at your local shelters, ASPCA centers, and rehoming situations like Get Your Pet. You could save a dog’s life by adopting them out of a shelter. Take your time to find a connection with the right pet, and you’ll find unconditional love that lasts.

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