7 Best Cat Breeds For Families

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When living in an apartment, space becomes a big question. You want to have a lovable housepet, who will compliment you and your family’s needs. Cats are a great, low maintenance pet who will still play and love on you. There are tons of breeds out there, and each one has unique personality traits that set them apart.

  1. Maine Coon: The Maine Coon is one of the most loved cats in America. They are a working breed that started helping out on the farms of early settlers. They are patient with kids and enjoy being active or quiet. You can play a great game of fetch or relax on the couch with your easy-going Maine Coon.
  2. Birman: These lovable furballs are social and relaxed cats. They are great for laps and long naps. They are great for families because they don’t startle easily, and are easy to train. If you have guests over, they will happily greet your visitor to make them feel welcome. They aren’t the best for active kids who want to play games with the pet. They are easy-going and relaxed.
  3. Burmese: The Burmese is playful, intelligent, and curious. They are known for getting into mischief and funny predicaments from their curious nature. They are great for active kids, and will keep up with their playfulness. They enjoy the company of people without needing to be the center of attention.
  4. American Shorthair: This loveable breed followed us over during the colonial times. They have a sweet personality, and a history of general good health. They get along easily with children and other household pets. Even though they are short haired cats, they still require grooming once or twice a week to remove excess hair.
  5. Ragdoll: This breed gets its name from going limp when being picked up–like a Ragdoll. The have a soft and gentle meow, that lets you know they are there, but doesn’t demand attention. They love a little playtime before dinner and bed. Other than that, they are perfect for keeping you company while you read a book.
  6. Siamese: The Siamese has a very distinct look and personality. They are very vocal cats who enjoy the company of people. They have opinions and will tell you exactly what they think, and expect you to listen. They are friendly, playful, and get along well with other household pets. They are very athletic, intelligent, and active cats who will remain loyal to you for years.
  7. Himalayan: These are more active than a Persian, and less vocal than a Siamese. They like some playtime activities in the evening, but for the most part, they enjoy a quiet nap. If you have a rowdy bunch of kids at home, this could cause some clashing. This breed is better for older kids and couples.

You can find a cat that is easy-going and active for young kids, or bring home a cat that is cuddly and quiet for older couples. Keep them groomed and share the responsibility of caring for your pet with the entire household. No matter what cat you choose, you’ll have a loving companion for many years to come.

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