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With the release of Apple’s iPhone 7, there’s quite a bit to look forward to, along with a few things that have left fans scratching their heads. The update doesn’t bring any monumental changes, but there are some features that will make the phone worth the upgrade for some. For others, though, there’s at least one change that’s making them want to skip out this year. If you’re considering an upgrade, here are the additions (and subtractions) that make the iPhone 7 different from its predecessors.

Dual Cameras

Of all the iPhone’s features, one of its best qualities is its top-of-the-line camera. Apple’s phone is known to lead the pack when it comes to picture quality, and this year is no different – except the fact that the iPhone has two cameras: one wide-angle lens and one telephoto lens. What this means for shutterbugs is better low-light picture quality and massively improved zoom photos. While other phones have done two cameras before, it’s the first time Apple is trying their hand at it, so it’ll be interesting to see how the company brings its quality design to the idea.

Upgraded Internals

Features that bring new capabilities to a phone are always the ones that get the most attention, but never underestimate improved specs. The iPhone hardware hasn’t improved astronomically in the last year, but there are some notable upgrades that will make day-to-day use a lot more enjoyable. A bigger battery should net users a few more hours everyday, and a new, faster processor will allow for better performing games and apps. Also, Apple has improved the screen to produce better color quality, and the speakers (there are two of them now) should emit richer sounds. Although these features don’t really stand on their own, together they should provide a noticeably better overall experience.

No Headphone Jack

Far and away the most newsworthy and controversial change to this year’s batch of iPhones is the removal of the headphone jack. Now, whenever you want to listen to music in private, you’ll have to connect a pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones. Of course, Apple is offering their own wireless earbuds, dubbed AirPods, for a whopping $160. Apple fans met the change with nearly unanimous outcry, wondering why the company chose to fix something that wasn’t broken. Apple’s reasoning is that a phone with no headphone jack makes it slimmer and more waterproof, and you can still plug in Apple-approved EarPods through the Lightning Port, but those who are a little more cynical see it as a ploy to get more money from fans.

Naturally, these aren’t all the changes that Apple’s built into its new flagship device. Along with the new features and the upgrades to the phone’s internals, the iPhone 7 has been made water resistant. While you won’t want to go swimming with it, it can survive puddles with no problem. And for those who think style goes hand-in-hand with performance: this year’s iPhone comes in a sleek new color of jet black. In the end, there’s nothing killer about the iPhone that makes it a necessary upgrade, so whether or not you should spring for it is really up to you. After all, the iPhone 8 is only a year or two away.

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