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Do you have any weddings to attend this summer? Summer is prime wedding season after all. It’s the time when happy couples are tying the knot and sharing the day with their family and friends. 

Of course, this means you need to find the perfect gift for the pair. That can be a bit stressful. You can always choose something from their wedding registry. Or, you can take a look at the gifts on this list. There are some traditional gifts on this list and some that might have you thinking a little outside of the box.

Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are all the rage these days. It seems like there are subscription boxes for just about everything. Meals, clothes, snacks, wine, bacon – everything. Depending on the couple’s tastes, you can surely find one that would be ideal for them. Busy couples may want meal boxes so they can prepare healthy dinners at home or wine lovers might love a new bottle delivered each month. 

Amazon Echo

An Amazon Echo is a great gift for newlyweds. They range in size from the Amazon Echo Dot ($49.99) to the Amazon Echo Show ($229.99) and are capable of some cool things in the home. They can help control your smart home devices, show you a recipe while preparing dinner or place an Amazon order for you – and these are just a couple of the awesome things they can do. 

KitchenAid Stand Mixer

This is a pretty traditional wedding gift, but that’s because it’s an excellent present for the kitchen. While it works great for all of your traditional baking and mixing needs, KitchenAid Stand Mixers come with a fantastic selection of attachments that can expand its use. Pasta tools, food grinders, and ice cream mixers take this gift to the next level.

Gift Card for their Honeymoon

Do you know where the bride and groom are heading on their honeymoon? If yes, then you might think about getting them a gift card for this special vacation. It could be for their hotel, a nearby restaurant or some excursion they want to do. 

Cooking Classes

What kind of cooking skills does the couple have? Could they use a little help? If yes, they might enjoy cooking classes. A gift certificate to learn how to prepare their favorite dishes or just conquer a few of the basics will help them start married life on the right foot.

Event Tickets

You can’t go wrong with tickets to a concert, musical, or some other event that interests the couple. Check your local events calendar and see what things are happening in the upcoming months and pick one they’ll love.

Vitamix Blender

This is also a somewhat “traditional” gift, but still extremely popular. Vitamix has long been one of the top brands for blenders and is great for smoothies, margaritas, soups and more. 

Espresso Machine

Who couldn’t use a little caffeine in their life? While a coffee maker might do the trick if the newlyweds enjoy espresso, frothy milk and all that you can make with it – get them an espresso machine. Breville and De’Longhi make excellent machines.

Instant Camera

While everyone has a cell phone to take pictures, if the couple loves a bit of whimsy – an instant camera is a fun gift. Look for the Fujifilm Instax Mini which comes in several different colors and produces instant photos that are great for capturing life’s moments.

Gift Card

Last, but not least, is the trusty gift card. Gift cards for restaurants, home improvement stores, grocery stores – and every other place you can think of – will never be wasted. 

If you haven’t purchased a wedding gift yet for the summer wedding you’re attending – it’s time to start shopping. Will you be buying one of these gifts or do you have another great idea?

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