Hottest New Children’s Toys

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Hottest New Children’s Toys

  1.     Fidget Spinners: As of April 2017, these toys have taken stores by storm. It’s basic in its design, but is a skill toy like yo-yos. It’s made of a central ball bearing with 2 or 3 prongs that let the toy spin easily on a table or in your hand. They claim to aid with releasing nervous energy to help those with ADHD or anxiety. They are relatively cheap and you can get these little gadgets at almost any store.
  2.     Shopkins: These 1inch little toys are collectible plastic figures based off of grocery store items. These everyday items are transformed into miniature personalities with unique names and faces. There’s a sweet apple named Apple Blossom and a chocolate chip cookie named Kooky Cookie, and they’re as precious as their names.
  3.     Hatchimals: These clever toys are robotic animals that hatch from eggs. The toys hit shelves late Oct 2016, and skyrocketed into living rooms. The creators originally thought the toys would only appeal to 6-8 year old girls, but there was a much wider demand, even for young boys. The toy makers have promised to create new species and features in a new line that should be appearing later this year.
  4.     Pie Face: It’s as crazy as the name suggests. Yes, you are pied in the face, and it’s a laugh riot for the whole family. It’s a bit like Russian roulette with shaving cream. You put a heap of shaving cream on an arm, and take turns trying not to be pied. You place your face in the designated circle, spin the spinner, and click the turnstile the number you spun. If you don’t get pied, then the number you spun is your score. You never know when the arm will go flying!
  5.     Selfie Mic Set: Take karaoke to the next level by making your own music videos with the selfie mic set. It’s an extension for your mobile phone that holds the phone in the perfect self position while you belt your heart out to your favorite tunes into a snazzy handheld microphone. It’s incredibly easy to use. You simply plug it in and load the app and you’re good to go. The app scrolls the words over the screen while recording your epic song so you can post anything and everything to your favorite social media site. The best part? It starts at only $10 and you can find them in most children’s stores.
  6.     Teddy Ruxpin: Parents, get ready for a flashback to the past. The classic 1986 Teddy Ruxpin bear is making a big comeback this year with a new model hitting stores the fall of 2017. This toy is projected to be the one that has Christmas shoppers in a frenzy. Instead of the tape cassettes that used to be in the original, the new version will have 3 pre-loaded stories programmed in the bear. To add more fun to bedtime, you can download more stories with a mobile app to keep Teddy Ruxpin as part of your nightly routine for months to come.


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