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What have you and your friends been doing this winter? Have you been heading to the movies? Meeting up for dinner at your favorite restaurant? Are you trying to think of something new to do that can get everyone together? Then it’s time for a game night.

Game nights can be extremely fun – especially if you happen to know a few competitive people to invite. And, if you’re ready to start planning a game night at your place, these tips will help!

  • Invite Friends Over: The first step for a great game night is inviting the right number and right mix of friends. Yes, both of these things are important. 
  • You want to make sure you have enough people invited to make the night fun and game playing easy. Too few people and it can be hard to play certain games. Too many people and things can get a bit unruly –  and that’s not fun either. (Also, think about whether you need an even number of people for the game(s) you want to play.)
  • And think about the people you’re inviting. You may know that some of your friends are not “game people” – in which case, don’t invite them. You may also have groups of friends that don’t have a lot in common with other groups of friends – so maybe game night is not the time to bring them together. Spend a little time thinking about how your guests will interact with one another.
  • Choose Your Game(s) In Advance: You might think you can wait until game night and let everyone vote on which game to play, but it will work out better if the choice is made beforehand. (Then there’s no arguing.) You don’t necessarily have to tell your friends what you’ll be playing in advance – just have a game or two picked out. Need some ideas? Here are a few games to check out:
  • Spend Some Time on Introductions or Catching Up: Before you begin playing, let your guests spend some time catching up if they all know one another, or introducing themselves if you’re mixing friend groups. This will allow everyone to concentrate on the game when it’s time to play.
  • Plan Your Food and Drink: Food and drink are a must for game night. Go for small finger foods and snacks or things that are easy to pick up and eat – that way, you can minimize clean up. Also, be sure to have a mix of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for your guests. And don’t forget dessert!!
  • Make Sure You Have Space For Everyone: It can be tempting to invite a big group over for a game night, but you want to make sure you have space. If you need to sit at a table to play the game, keep in mind how many can be seated around your table. If a table isn’t necessary, you can use pillows and ottomans for additional seating. 
  • Watch Your Time: As the host, it’s up to you to keep an eye on the time. An extended game night can get boring. You can set a time limit, or if you see interest waning, don’t be afraid to say, “Let’s finish this turn and declare some winners!”
  • Have Some Prizes: Prizes aren’t necessary, but if you want to add to the competitive nature of game night – then bring on the prizes. They don’t have to be fancy – just fun!

Take a look at your calendar and pick an evening for game night. It’s a great way to pass some time during the winter, and your friends will love an invitation to spend time with you.

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