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The beauty of having your own home is that you can craft it to look however you want it. While some don’t really mind what their place looks like, others consider their interior design choices to be a way of expressing their personality. However interested you may be in the design choices of your home, you have to admit there’s a thrill when you find some inspiration that clicks with your sensibilities. So, if you’re thinking about making some changes to your apartment or you just want some cool design to look at, there are lots of great resources you can check out.

Pick from Tons of Ideas on Pinterest

Pinterest has become one of the biggest social media platforms because it takes an image-over-everything stance. But in opposition to other photo-based social networks, Pinterest leans more heavily toward the DIY crowd, offering great how-to guides and infographics for whatever project you might want to undertake. Here, you can find tons of ideas from both established brands and amateur DIY enthusiasts. The amount of stuff you can find on Pinterest is almost overwhelming, so start with your interests first and go from there.

Get Help With Houzz

Similarly to Pinterest, Houzz relies on a lot of great images to give you that perfect vision for your home, no matter where your interests lie. You can easily filter down all these ideas by criteria such as your budget level, the design style, and much more. But along with having some professional photos to get your creative juices flowing, Houzz also integrates a marketplace that connects homeowners and remodeling or interior design professionals. Think of it like a LinkedIn-meets-Craigslist if you’re looking for help on a project.

Stay Caught Up With Design Blogs

If you’re not feeling social or you just want some simple inspiration, following a few blogs may be just the ticket. Choosing the right blogs to follow will depend on the style of interior design that fits you. For example, if you’re a fan of modernist interior design, sites such as LikeModern and Design Milk will be worth looking into. On the other end of the design spectrum, sites like Country Living and City Farmhouse are great sources of country-style insight. If you’re not sure where to start, Apartment Therapy is a great catch-all resource for home design.

Get Your Design Choices Critiqued on Reddit

If you can imagine it, there’s a community for it on Reddit. Want to learn some interior design know-how? Check out Interior Design. Want your rooms critiqued? Take a look at Design My Room. Or maybe you need to dial down on the specifics of your furniture? Head on over to Furniture. Reddit is great for the back-and-forth you can have with other like-minded people, so be sure to poke around a little and find the right sites for your needs.

These are a ton of great resources that will keep you busy, but as you spend more time on these sites, try to branch out to other places you find these sites linking to. Soon, you’ll have more design ideas that you’ll know what to do with, and then your problem will be picking the right inspiration to go with!

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