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There are some things that are better experienced in person than watched on TV. Part of the thrill of the game is the shared enthusiasm with the crowd. Nothing can come close to replicating that feeling at home. The TV never accurately represents how the athletes perform because it has a limited view. The camera can only capture one thing at a time, instead of soaking it all in while you’re there. The Chicago Tribune ranked the top sports to see live, and here they are.

  1. NHL: Hockey is an underrated sport to watch, but it is so much fun to see live. The electricity in the air and the fans make the event fun. Being next to the ice, you’ll be able to see the entire rink and how the players interact with each other. TV doesn’t quite capture the speed that these players move at. Plus, you’re better able to keep an eye on the puck, rather than it getting lost in the different angles on TV. Did I mention the fights? Definitely one of the most entertaining sports to see live!
  2. MLB: Baseball can seem to move slow on TV, but once you’re out in the field, you get a completely different feel. You can see the entire field, and recognize why the pitcher is making the choices that he does. When the batter makes any sort of contact with the ball, that loud crack is exciting. You can wait to see where the ball might land. The organ playing familiar tunes, the crowd chanting, and the mascots dancing all make the game come alive.
  3. College Football: College football always leaves you on the edge of your seat. Kids of different skill levels are competing against one another, and you never know what to expect. The few years between 18 to 23 make a huge difference in the game. Those few years change the way the athlete makes decisions on the field, the skills he’s gained, and the strategies he’s implemented. The other factor that makes college football so interesting is that the team is constantly rotating. As seniors graduate, new freshmen come on board. The team is never the same from year to year.

The team spirit in the crowd far surpases anything you’ve ever experienced. Their fellow classmates love to support and cheer on their team. Young kids are creative and funny in the way that they express their love for the team. You can see everything from signs to body paint and everything in between.

  1. NBA: To truly appreciate the skill and athleticism that goes into basketball, you have to see it in person. On TV, it seems like the court is miniature sized because the team moves up and down the court in one or two steps. Then, when you are in person, you realize the amazing size of these athletes and how they use their height to swiftly move back and forth. Instead of lanky and cumbersome, these huge humans look like they are doing an elegant dance to get the ball in the hoop. Plus, it’s always fun to see which celebrities are down front at the court too.

No matter what sport is your favorite, it’s always better to see it live. Nothing can replace the memories shared with friends, or the taste of a hotdog at the park. By being at the game, you become more emotionally invested and grow closer to the team. Pick a sport, save your money, and take a friend out to the ballgame!

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