5 Best Nightlife and Sports Bars Near Glassboro, NJ

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After a hard day at work, it’s always nice to meet up with a few friends and watch a game. Meet at one of these local joints to try out something new. You can find the best sports bars near Glassboro, NJ, and plan an evening out to keep up with your favorite players. You can also catch some live music depending on where you go. Even if you don’t have a group to go with, the bars are a comfortable spot to sit and have a drink.

  1. House of Brews: Located in Turnersville NJ, you’ll find this popular sports bar buzzing any night of the week. They have over 26 different beers on tap, with plenty others in bottles to choose from. They are a locally-owned and operated business, which guarantees that you’ll receive excellent service and quality products. The owners have created a fun and inviting atmosphere to get together with friends or to hang out at the bar to watch a game. They also have a wide variety to choose from on their menu. They even offer dishes with elk, bison, and gator tail.
  2. Wilson’s Pub: Wilson’s Pub in Glassboro, NJ has a large bar area with several large screen TVs to watch different games. They are known for their wings, and they have a wide variety of flavors to choose from. There are beer, wine, and liquor to-go options as well. It’s a fun place to get together with some friends and play a few rounds of pool or darts.
  3. Ott’s: It’s a traditional bar with some pub fare on the menu. The staff can make a great drink, but it may take a little while for you to be served. If you aren’t in a rush, then this is a fun spot to be. On the weekends, there is live music, and there are great happy hour specials throughout the week. It’s a great place for a group of guys to get together to kick back together. They are a family-friendly sports bar with menu options that people of any age will enjoy!
  4. The Village Pub: The Village Pub is a modern-styled sports bar with American eats and tons of beer. They have a huge beer selection and tons of styles on draft. You can find local beers, exotic beers, and the good old standby beers. They also make handcrafted cocktails with a seasonal twist as well as wines and prosecco. Everything is decently priced and paired with great service.
  5. Tilted Kilt: This restaurant is known for its scantily-clad waitresses and drinks. They have a kitchy atmosphere with TVs located around the restaurant so you don’t miss a play. It’s not meant to be a family-friendly atmosphere because it’s geared towards the young adult demographic.

It’s not hard to find a good time near you. Look to see what sports bar is closest to you in Glassboro, NJ, and check it out for yourself. Find the local watering hole, and become a local to unwind with some fun after dark.

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