4 Fall Crafts to Do With The Kids

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Fall is finally here! It’s time for Halloween, leaves, bright colors, and pumpkins. Help your kids decorate the house by doing great fall crafts with them. It’ll make great memories for you, and give you plenty of fall decorations to cover each room in. No matter where you look, you’ll be reminded of what season it is, and the fun that you had making these crafts.

  1. Paint Placemats With Fall Stamps: Everyone loves a craft, but they are even better when you make a functional craft. Decorate your dinner table with a handmade creation from your kids with these easy placemats. Roll out a piece of paper, and find some fall stamps that would be fun to use. You can use cookie cutters, real leaves, half a cut apple, and anything else that reminds you of fall. Dip the stamp in some acrylic paint, and let the kids make their own design. Once it dries, you can cut the paper into 12×18 inch rectangles and laminate them. It’ll be a great memory that you can keep and use year after year.
  2. Pumpkin Paper Plate Mask: Kids love all types of masks. It lets them pretend to be something else, which lets all of the giggles out. Create a family of pumpkins with these paper plate pumpkins. Cut out the center of the plate, and paint the edge a bright orange. Then, use green pipe cleaners to make vines at the top. For an extra effect, add some fake leaves to the vines as well.
  3. Paper Sunflowers: Create your own flowers that will go perfectly in any room. You can use newspaper, coffee filters, or any other blank piece of paper. Paint the paper in different shades of orange and yellow. As you are letting those dry, get a piece of brown construction paper, and trace out a circle. Cut your circle out and glue some poppy seeds to the front of it. Once your paper is dry, fold it up like an accordian, and cut the edges into a point. Wrap the petals around your poppy seed center, and glue. You can add a stick to the back of it to prop up, or you can leave them with just the flower to set around the house.
  4. Tissue Leaf Suncatcher: Your kids will love watching the sun bring their creation to life in the window. First, print off a leaf outline offline. Cut the template out, and cut out the center, leaving a border. Use this template to cut out a black felt frame for the leaf. Set the paper border on contact paper and trim away the excess. Peel the paper back, and let the kids put all kinds of cut tissue paper in the center. Make sure that some pieces overlap. Once you are done, trim away and excess pieces, and hang it up in a window.

Kids love making things, and they love seeing their work on display around the house. Making crafts is a great way to get the whole family involved. Create lasting memories and crafts that you can keep for years to come.

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