30 Day Organize Your Home Challenge

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What’s a task you hate to do in the moment but love when it’s finished? Does organizing your home make the list?

Sure, it may not be a lot of fun while you’re doing it – especially if you try to do it in large chunks of time – but when you’re done, it’s a great feeling. 

There’s nothing like knowing you’ve decluttered and found a home for everything. It makes it so easy to find things, will most likely make your home look cleaner, and, just maybe, give you more space.

But there’s no need for you to do it all at once. Instead, use this 30-day planner to help you get your home organized.

  • Day 1 – Entryway: Do you have an entry table or a place where everyone drops their shoes when they come in? It’s time to straighten up this area. Put away the collection of shoes and get anything off the entry table that doesn’t belong.
  • Day 2 – Under the kitchen sink: Pull everything out and sort through what you need and don’t need. Consider getting a caddy for cleaning supplies so you can grab everything at once.
  • Day 3 – Junk drawer: Yes, it’s a great catch-all space, but it can quickly become a hot mess. Pick up a silverware caddy to keep everything in its proper place.
  • Day 4 – Medicine cabinet: When was the last time you went through everything in your medicine cabinet? Look for medicines that are expired and replace over-the-counter medications if needed.
  • Day 5 – Under the bathroom sink: You probably have quite a collection of stuff under your bathroom sink. Decide what you need and don’t need, and then put things away neatly.
  • Day 6 – Dining area: Has your dining table become so cluttered with things that you can’t even eat a meal at it? Put stuff away so you can enjoy dinner there this evening.
  • Day 7 – Refrigerator and freezer: If you’ve got some expired salad dressings, some mysterious leftovers, and some frozen items that you can’t identify – then give them a toss.
  • Day 8 – Pantry: If the pantry is a little out of control, get it in order so you can easily find the ingredients you need.
  • Day 9 – Kitchen cabinets: Do you have an abundance of coffee cups that don’t get used? Have you shoved stuff in your cabinets with the intention of getting to it later? Today’s the day to tackle your cabinets.
  • Day 10 – Tackle the paperwork: Do you have a stack of papers and bills –  that may or may not be important – lying around? Keep (and file away) the documents you need and shred (or throw away) those that you don’t.
  • Day 11 – Nightstand(s): Clean them off and sort through the drawers.
  • Day 12 – Master bedroom closet: This might be a project, but get it done, and you’ll feel really satisfied!
  • Day 13 – Master bedroom drawers: Tackle that dresser today – especially the socks and underwear drawers.
  • Day 14 – Linen closet: Get rid of threadbare sheets and towels – and replace with new ones if needed.
  • Day 15 – Makeup: Have a ton of makeup that you don’t ever wear? It’s time to say goodbye to products you don’t use regularly.
  • Day 16 – Home office: An organized home office will help you be more productive.
  • Day 17 – Kids’ toys: Create a keep, throw away, and donate pile for all of your children’s toys.
  • Day 18 – Kids’ closets: Do the same for kids’ clothes. 
  • Day 19 – Laundry area: Be sure to check the dryer for lint while you’re here organizing things.
  • Day 20 – Spare bedroom: If you have a spare bedroom, today’s the day to make it look its best!
  • Day 21 – Car(s): If you didn’t clean your car in the spring, now is the time! Get rid of the straw wrappers and mittens and give it a quick vacuum.
  • Day 22 – Jewelry: Say goodbye to tangled necklaces and earrings that no longer have a match today.
  • Day 23 – Books and Magazines: Have a stack of magazines that you’ll never read? A pile of books that need some organizational help? Get after it on Day 23!
  • Day 24 – Backpacks: Grab the kids’ backpacks and clean them out!
  • Day 25 – Holiday “stuff”: Do you have a place where you keep all of your holiday decorations? Sort through what you want and what you don’t.
  • Day 26 – Crafting supplies: Give all of your supplies a home!
  • Day 27 – Patio/balcony: You may not have much out here, but this is an often underutilized area. Think about what you might use it for in the future.
  • Day 28 – Under beds: Do you stash things under your bed – and then forget about them? Get them out and see if you really need them or not.
  • Day 29 – Coffee table/end tables/tv stand: If your living room tables are a bit cluttered – clean them off and make some space.
  • Day 30 – Purse: And don’t forget to clean your purse! Who knows what you might find!

Are you ready to tackle this 30-Day Organize Your Home Challenge? You’ll love the way your place looks when you’re done! 

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