What’s New in Atlantic City?

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To an outsider, Atlantic City has a lot of appeal: it has all the restaurants, museums, and attractions of any major city, and one of the United States’ most famous boardwalks to boot. But with AC facing economic downturns over the past few years, you might struggle to find something new to do, especially if you’ve visited all the big-name attractions in the past. The good news is that, if you’re looking to make a visit to this New Jersey hotspot, there are a few new attractions to check out.

Changes to the Borgata

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know very well that Atlantic City has seen some of its biggest casinos close in the past few years. The casinos that are left standing have been forced to adapt to the times and come up with new ways to bring in visitors. For the Borgata, that means an updated nightclub–MIXX is now the Premier Nightclub–as well as some new features. Among the Borgata’s freshest attractions are the Marketplace Eatery and the Borgata Beer Garden, which serves a variety of beers and hosts live entertainment. The latest addition the Borgata is planning is a new restaurant led by celebrity chef Michael Symon, set to open in 2017.

Revel is Getting a Makeover… Probably

Revel, which opened next to the Showboat Hotel in 2012, never really stood a chance. Despite its hotel towel being the tallest in all of Atlantic City–and second tallest in all of New Jersey–Revel fell into bankruptcy only two years after it opened. However, it might not be quite “the end” for the casino just yet. After multiple deals fell through, the property is finally under new management and set to reopen sometime in 2017 under a new name, TEN. However, gamers hoping to see a new addition to the seven casinos still standing in Atlantic City shouldn’t get their hopes up just yet. TEN’s new developers have gone on record in the past about having trouble getting through government regulations. For now, you’ll just want to stick with the big seven.

New Restaurant Highlight: Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill

Unfortunately, with the city’s financial woes serving as a deterrent to business owners looking to set up new shop, you’ll probably find it difficult to find new restaurants to check out. One eatery that’s making waves, though, is the Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill in Caesars Atlantic City. The menu is full of British cuisine highlights, including beef wellington, Yorkshire rib roast, and of course, fish and chips. Just be forewarned that if you choose to dine here, you bring a healthy wallet – it’s pretty expensive!

A lot seems to be changing in Atlantic City, and while many of its residents are somewhat pessimistic about how business is trending these days, there’s at least something to be optimistic about. As the times change, new businesses and industries will surely make their mark, adding to the ever-changing face of Atlantic City. And for you, that means all sorts of fresh and exciting things to experience.

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