What To Do With An Extra Bedroom

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Having an extra bedroom is a great resource. You may be holding out on that extra room as simply a space you use for guests when they visit during the holidays, but what are you doing with it for the other 360 days of the year? Luckily, you can utilize your spare room in many more ways that’ll help you to enjoy your living space.

Instead of keeping it empty, here are some ideas for what to do with an extra bedroom.

Turn It Into A Study

Extra-BedroomOne of the most common uses for a spare bedroom is to turn it into a study. This is a great idea, as it provides a place for you to go and finish important matters. Whether you’re taking a conference call for your business or filing taxes for your family, you’ll be able to get away from the commotion of the rest of the household by escaping to your study. What’s great about a study is that you can still leave a futon or couch, which guests can sleep on when they are visiting.

Make A Hobby Room

Your spare bedroom will get plenty of use if you turn it into a room for your hobbies. Some may prefer that the room be turned into a space that is perfect for crafts or scrapbooking, while others may want to make a home gym or yoga studio. You may also consider building that man-cave you’ve always wanted, which will be full of video games and sports memorabilia.

When your hobby room becomes a space that you get to enjoy on your own, you can add the decorations and features that you desire. You’ll fall in love with that extra bedroom when it becomes a sanctuary for your hobbies.

Pet Room

After the kids move away to college, it might be time for your four-legged family members to get their own room. As you start to redecorate your pet room, keep in mind that you can go as basic or as extravagant as you’d like. Even though your pet may not need a large bed to sleep on, some may like it better than being cramped up in a kennel. You love your pet and they have a special place in your family, which is why they may deserve their own room if you aren’t using it for anything else.

Rent It Out

If it’s not inconvenient to you, then a great idea is to rent out that extra room. You’ll make a bit of extra income, while also finding use for the space that you have. Keep in mind that you may want to separate the extra room from the rest of the house if you rent it out, as this will give you and the tenant their own space. Once everyone is settled in, you’ll turn that empty bedroom into a way of earning money each month.

Your extra bedroom is begging to be used. To maximize the space, keep this ideas in mind for what to do with an extra bedroom?

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