Makeover Your Bedroom This Spring

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Do you love the changing of the seasons? Do you like that each season seems to bring with it something new? Spring is no different. Warmer weather, longer days, and abundant sunshine are all things to look forward to as you say goodbye to winter. Spring is also an ideal time to make some changes around your apartment. If you’re looking for a room to bring into spring – start with your bedroom.

bedroom makeoverClear the Clutter

Every few months it’s important that you clear out the clutter. Go through your closets and check for clothes that you no longer wear. Check for things that you no longer need or want, or even for things that may be broken. Then you can decide what can be donated or recycled or needs to go to the trash.


It seems like such a simple thing to do, but cleaning can have a significant impact on your room. Be sure to dust your blinds and clean your drapes. Make sure you give your carpet a good vacuum or consider steam cleaning for a deep clean. When dusting, move everything off shelves and furniture instead of just dusting around objects. Finally, open the windows to let in some fresh air and get rid of those stale winter odors.

Rearrange Your Furniture

Once the clutter is gone, and the cleaning is done, it’s time to get down to business. One of the simplest ways to make a big impact on a room is to rearrange the furniture. While you may think your bedroom can really only be set up one way, you might be surprised by how you can switch things up.

Change or Update Your Bedding

Most likely your bed has been covered with a thick blanket and a heavy duvet or comforter for winter. You may even have used flannel sheets to keep you warm, but now that spring is here, it’s time to make a change. You can put on a lighter weight duvet or bedspread, lightweight blankets, and swap out your flannel sheets for cotton or linen.

Keep it Neutral with Splashes of Color

If you like to switch things out seasonally, one of the best things you can do is keep your basics a neutral color. Curtains and bed covers in neutral colors lend themselves easily to change each season as they can handle just about any color. In the spring add accessories in bright colors and patterns. Look to add throw pillows, lightweight throw blankets, bed scarves, or area rugs. Artwork is also an easy thing that can bring in some additional color.

Flowers and Plants

If you don’t have any flowers or plants in your bedroom, head to your local garden center and pick some up. There are lots of great plants and flowers that are perfect for apartment living. If you are unsure of what to buy, ask for some assistance at the garden center so that you’ll have something that works with the amount of light your bedroom receives.

Spring Scents

While you opened up your windows to let in some fresh air, you may want to use an essential oil diffuser to bring in some spring scents. You can also use a linen spray to spray your bedding between washings to keep them smelling fresh.

Spring brings with it a sense of everything being fresh and new and it’s the perfect time to make your bedroom feel that way, too. Use these ideas to makeover your bedroom so that you have a relaxing space for a great night’s sleep each evening.

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