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When it comes to summertime activities, what do you like to do? Do you like to take a vacation to the beach? Do you enjoy spending time at a quiet lake? Or, do you like to head for the woods and do some camping? 

If camping is your thing, there is all sorts of cool gear available to make your time in nature much more pleasant and enjoyable. Here are a few things to consider if you think you might do some camping this summer.

campingPortable Hammock

What is it about summer, the outdoors and a hammock? They just seem to go together. This portable hammock is great and would make a fun addition to your campsite. It comes with its own foldable stand (so no need to look for a couple of trees to attach it to), and it fits neatly inside the carrying bag. 

Led Camping Lantern Lights Rechargeable Battery

How about a collapsible lantern (for easy packing) that can be recharged with solar power? Does it sound too good to be true? It isn’t! This one by SUAOKI does just that. It even has a USB port – in case you need to charge your phone. 

Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad

Here’s a little splurge that could make camping a whole lot more comfortable. This self-inflating sleeping pad is perfect for those times where you may have to set your tent up on some ground that’s a bit rocky. No more sleepless nights when you bring this with you.

Waterproof Matches

Do you enjoy camping – even when the weather may call for a bit of rain? If yes, then you should be prepared and carry waterproof matches with you. These matches by Titan stay lit – even under water – and come in a waterproof case that floats. Definitely a good investment for your safety.

Stanley Cook & Brew Set

Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy good coffee. This Stanley Cook & Brew Set can help you prepare a good cup of joe in the morning or boil some pasta in the evening. 

Cast Iron Mini Dutch Oven

If you want to cook a hearty meal over an open fire, then a cast iron Dutch oven is a must-have. This little one is perfect for one to two people and small enough to pack with your gear.

Lightweight Dry Sacks

Sometimes the weather is unpredictable. What starts as a sunny day may soon turn to rain, and you may find yourself needing some bags to keep your gear dry. These sacks are perfect for that! They come in several sizes so you can pick up a couple to protect your things.

Yeti Cooler

A Yeti Cooler is a hefty investment – no doubt about it. But they may just may be worth it. They come in several sizes, and are built to be durable and keep your cold things cold. Additionally, they come with a limited 5-year warranty.


If you need to get out of your tent in the middle of the night, the darkness can be a little overwhelming. Add a headlamp to your gear, and you’ll be able to see and keep both of your hands free while you navigate the darkness. 

4-Person Instant Dome Tent

If you are just starting to think about going camping, check out this four-person tent. With easy setup, this tent is perfect for beginners who are just getting their camping feet under them.

This summer get into the great outdoors and do a little camping. It’s a great way to get close to nature and see all of its splendor.

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