Great Gift Ideas for Dad This Father’s Day

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If you’re not sure what to get Dad for Father’s Day this year, have no fear! Chances are, you’re tired of the typical tie, power tool, and socks gifts—we are, too. That’s why we’ve compiled the ultimate list of the best gifts for 2017 that your dad is bound to love, and actually use!

  1. Personalized coffee mug- With your help, coffee-loving dads will have the perfect way to enjoy their morning brew! Personalize a mug with a picture, quote, or design that is personal or meaningful to them in some way, so they smile with every sip. Ideas for mugs include family photos, kids’ names (written in their handwriting) or personalized messages from family and friends. The possibilities are endless, and the mug is sure to get a lot of use! Not much of a coffee or tea drinker? Try personalizing a plate, thermos, pint glass, or other item he uses often!
  2. Subscription box- One of the best ways to show Dad you care is to gift him with something that lasts beyond just Father’s Day—give him the gift of a monthly subscription box that lasts the whole year! Subscription boxes worth checking out are Birchbox, Dollar Shave Club, The Mantry, and Gentleman’s Box. There are a ton of awesome subscription boxes out there that Dad will be excited to receive each month.
  3. Audiobook- If your dad loves to read, but doesn’t have the time to sit down with a good book between work and other obligations, then giving him an audiobook subscription just might be the perfect idea. Audiobooks are perfect for people who drive or just like to listen to something while cooking, cleaning, or doing things around the house. Dad can learn a new language, read a favorite novel, or listen to an interesting podcast at his own leisure. What a perfect idea for the Dad on the go!
  4. Fancy shaving kit- Don’t underestimate the power of the beard! If your dad takes pride in growing and grooming his beard or facial hair, then a shaving kit could be a great gift idea. He’ll have fun maintaining it or trying new things with a new level of precision! Help Dad look his sharpest no matter the occasion.
  5. VR headset- VR headsets are a great idea for dads who love gaming or just having fun with technology. Techies will have a blast with the virtual reality sensation that has turned the gaming world upside down! Dad won’t want to put it down, and it’s also something the whole family can enjoy playing with on Father’s Day as well.
  6. IPA brewing kit- Beer lovers will go crazy over the idea of brewing their own signature IPA. Even if he’s not entirely sure how the process works, it’s fun to learn, and it’s made easy with kits made especially for this purpose. Plus, the reward is a great beer. Who doesn’t love that?
  7. Grilling supplies- Does Dad love to be the star of the show during family cookouts? Picking up some new grilling gadgets could be just what he needs to step up his game! There are a ton of new grilling and cooking gadgets on the market today that put the old spatula and tongs to shame! Dinner will always be cooked just right, and your dad will have you to thank.

What do you think of our list of perfect Father’s Day gift ideas? 2017 is a whole new year for great gifts, and we think this is a pretty good start. Say goodbye to the typical, hardly-used wristwatch or chainsaw gifts you normally go for; these are game-changing ideas that Dad is sure to love. Any more ideas? Let us know what you think the best Father’s Day gifts are!

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