Best Beauty/Makeup Products to Try for 2018

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The Makeup and Beauty trends are constantly changing and evolving with every new year. As science gets more advanced, we are able to infuse healthy ingredients into the products that we wear everyday to give our skin a healthier glow. No matter where you go, or what your age, healthy looking skin will always be in.

Skin Care

  1. La Roche-Posay Toleriane Double Repair Moisturizer UV: After 5 long years of research, La Roche has developed a new kind of reparative daily moisturizer. It’s one that contains prebiotics to support your skin’s natural defense system. Everyone has a layer of bacteria and microorganisms that live on the surface of the skin. The prebiotics in this moisturizer promotes a healthy microbiome for these organisms and bacteria to grow and thrive, which is like a forcefield around your skin. It also has the added benefit of protecting your skin from harmful UV rays, as well as, providing the needed moisture without leaving you feeling oily.
  2. Dermatologica Daily Superfoliant: It’s not just an exfoliant for dead skin cells; it also has the added power to cleanse your skin of the pollution that surrounds us.  Exposure to pollution causes early aging, wrinkles, dry and oily skin, and spots. This superfoliant contains enzymes and mild acids to extract harmful pollution from the skin, and calming extracts to protect and revitalize your skin. There’s nothing artificial in this bottle. Everything is all-natural and 100% great for your skin!
  3. Becca First Light Priming Filter Face Primer: This purple hue primer is perfect for evening out any skin tone and sets up your skin for a flawless finish. Get ready to see a brighter complexion with just a pea-sized drop. As with any primer, it also extends the life of the products that you put on top of the primer.
  4. Differin Gel: For those of you out there who are battling with acne, I have great news for you. Differin now offers a Retinoid that is now over-the-counter. Skip the dermatologist and head straight to the local drug store to pick up the entire acne regimen to fight breakouts like never before.  


  1. Butter London Sheer Wisdom Lip Oil: Want to have healthy, and perfectly pouty lips? Then Butter London’s lip oil treatment is your new favorite product. It has a combination of coconut and cloudberry oils as well as amino acids and green tea extracts to soften and moisturize your lips. It comes in 6 different shades of sheer blushes to leave you with a hint of natural color to make your lips look extra lucious.
  2. Milk Makeup Blur Stick: Swipe on this cubby stick on areas that are prone to large pores, or you can apply it all over for an airbrush-finish look. It is proven to reduce the appearance of pores up to 68%, all without clogging pores. It’ll leave you with a natural matte finish that you can wear out, or use as a primer for your foundation.
  3. Kat von D Alchemist Holographic Prism: This ultra highlighting palette will take your glam look to the next level. Don’t feel limited to just the eyes with these colors; hit the tops of the cheekbones, brow bone, and anywhere else you want to see a dramatic highlight. You can use these shades as stand-alone colors, or you can pop them over as a top coat to add an extra layer of dimension to your look.

Whether you are a natural beauty, or a colorful bombshell, love the skin that you’re in by keeping a good skin care regimen. Having a healthy canvas to work with will always leave you with the best looking results.

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