Assessing Your Pet Camera Options

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Pet owners of the world, rejoice! There’s finally a great solution to relieve some of the anxiety that is associated with leaving your beloved companion at home alone. Now you can leave in peace—or at least, watch in peace. If you’ve been thinking of getting a pet camera to monitor your pet while away from the house, but have been overwhelmed by the many options on the market, have no fear. There are a few favorites we’ve picked out that just may help you take the leash. Or, leap.

  1. Petzi Treat Cam

Perhaps the most well-known of pet cameras on the market, the Petzi Treat Cam connects to your Wi-Fi to allow you to interact with your pet in three different ways. Not only can you watch your pet through a live feed, but you can talk to them through the built-in speakers, and even give them a treat by pressing a button to release them from the dispenser remotely! The Petzi Treat Cam has a wide-angle camera with night vision, and can even record video. It can also be mounted to the wall, so you can put it anywhere you’d like without fear of it getting knocked over or hidden.


  1. Pawbo Pet Camera

Pawbo Pet Camera has more of a simplistic design, but has just as many capabilities as the Petzi Cam and is one of the most versatile of its kind. The Pawbo Pet Camera is able to record high definition video, has a 110-degree camera lens, and a treat tray that revolves on command. Pet owners can keep their dog or cat busy with the system’s built-in laser game that will occupy its player for hours. Another cool feature are the ringtones that can be used by owners to call and talk to their pets!


  1. Petcube

The Petcube is another great contender as far as pet cameras go. Its camera lens reaches a range of 138 degrees and can also record video and audio. It’s two-way speaker system allows pet owners to not only talk to their pet, but also hear when their dog barks or if there is another disturbance in the house. This camera also has a lazer game, but unlike the other options, does not have a treat dispenser.


  1. Eyenimal Cat Videocam

The Eyenimal Cat Videocam is a more compact pet camera that was designed for the cat lovers out there. This camera allows you to keep an even closer eye on your pet than other options because of its lightweight, convenient portability. It attaches to your cat’s collar to provide a live feed of the whereabouts of, and shenanigans that your cat might be getting into. It’s also water-resistant, so have no fear when a water bowl is near!


  1. Tomofun Furbo

The Tomofun Furbo is another great option when it comes to pet cameras. See, talk, and play with your dog day and night with this great interactive pet camera. This option is different than others because it actually shoots out treats at your dog, and has a specific bark alert! While this is the most expensive option on our list, it comes with a 1 year warranty and gets points for being very mobile friendly.


If you often need to leave your house for work, dinners, or other social obligations, and would like to have more peace of mind with leaving your pet behind, you may want to consider investing in a camera designed to monitor your pet. Although there are many options on the market, it’s relatively easy to find one within your price range that gives you the security you and your pet deserve! Let us know if we missed any other great pet camera options in the comments below.

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