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Money. There just never seems to be enough of it. Of course, if you’re like most people you’re always looking for different ways to save a little cash. After all, who couldn’t use a few extra dollars in their pocket?

And, while people often jokingly say, “There’s probably an app for that,” when it comes to helping you save money – it’s true. There are lots of apps that might help you do just that. If you’re wondering which ones to download, here are a few of the most recommended ones.

  • Mint: This app brings all of your finances together in one spot. You can share bank details, credit card information, bills, loans, investments, and more – and Mint keeps everything up-to-date, so you know exactly where you stand financially. You can even use Mint to help you save money and watch your credit score.
  • Clarity Money: Do you want to know if you’re spending your money wisely or not? Clarity Money can help. It can track your spending. Help you save. It can even help you cancel unused or unwanted subscriptions you may have. 
  • Acorns: If you’re looking for some help saving money, try Acorns. Acorns round up your purchases to the next whole dollar and then helps you invest this spare change. And it’s all done automatically once you set up your account!
  • Rakuten: Do you do a lot of online shopping? Would you like to earn money back for the shopping you normally do? Then check out Rakuten. Rakuten (formerly eBates) partners with retailers to give you cashback on your purchases. Old Navy, Sephora, and Kohl’s are just some of the stores you’ll find here – and you receive your rebates quarterly! 
  • Ibotta: Ibotta is another app that helps you earn money back on your purchases. This app has become very popular for grocery shopping as there are many deals on products people use every day. There’s a little bit of work on your end as you have to “activate” the offers and then submit your receipt, but it’s not too difficult to do.
  • Honey: Honey is a browser extension that automatically looks for current coupon codes when you shop online. No more trying to find codes that work – Honey does it for you!
  • CoinOut: You may have seen this app on Shark Tank! With this app, you take pictures of your receipt after you make a purchase, and the app gives you randomized rewards. You’re not going to get rich by any means, but it’s really as simple as that!
  • StoCard: It seems like every store or restaurant you visit has some sort of reward card. But, it does you very little good to be part of a rewards program if you can’t find your card. StoCard is an app that stores all of your rewards cards in one place – meaning as long as your phone is with you – you have your card. No more missing out on a sale because you can’t find your card!

Saving money can be difficult, but using these apps, plus some of the others that are available today, can make it easier. Start now, and you could be taking a vacation or buying that new outfit in the future – without too much work on your part!

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