9 Things That Will Have a Big Impact on Your Apartment

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You love your apartment, but perhaps you’re thinking that it could use a little update – a little refresh. 

Maybe your style has changed, or you’ve got some things that are outdated or well-worn. Whatever your reason is for mixing things up, you probably want to make sure that the change you make is noticeable and has an impact on your space. 

So, what are some ways to do just that? Where should you put your focus if you want to make a statement with your decor?

  • Art: Art is one definitive way to change up the way a room looks and feels. You can go for one large piece of art that really catches your eye when you walk into the room where it’s hanging. Or, you can create a gallery wall where you showcase a bunch of art. And don’t strictly think about paintings as art. Photos, sculptures – even plants – can all be added to a wall to create art.
  • Texture: Have you ever walked into a room and noticed that perhaps it was all one similar color palette (white, for example), but that the room didn’t feel one-dimensional? Most likely, texture played an important part in making the room feel inviting. Bringing in different fabrics is the easiest way to bring texture to a space. Textured cotton, faux fur, velvet, suede, leather, silk, and satin are ideal fabrics to use.
  • Lighting: Lighting is important to any space and can really help you set the tone. Lamps that have multiple settings, overhead lights with dimmer switches, and floor lamps that brighten up dark corners are great choices.
  • Scent: If you’ve ever walked into a home that didn’t smell so great, you know the effect it can have on how you feel about a space. Make sure you’re not “nose-blind” to the smell of your own home. Room deodorizers, essential oil diffusers, and candles can help your apartment maintain the scent you want it to have.
  • Color: If you’re feeling that your home is kind of drab or bland, you may need to add some color to your space. Look for inexpensive things you can swap out to bring color to a room, such as pillow covers, throw blankets, and bedding. Art can also do this for you.
  • Cleanliness: If your home has become a little bit cluttered, simply cleaning and organizing can have a HUGE impact on your space. Making sure everything has a home and is out of the way, getting rid of things you no longer want or use, and finding some suitable storage solutions will help.
  • Storage: Storage is essential. Look for storage that can also act as furniture or decor in your apartment. Coffee and end tables often have cabinets. Footstools can have space for storage. And decorative baskets are great, too.
  • Rugs: A great rug can have a serious impact on your space. Find one that fits your style and is the right size – and see what it can do!
  • Furniture: Of course, furniture can change the feel of your home. Be sure to measure the area where you’re thinking of placing a new piece of furniture – so that you don’t end up with anything too small or too large – and then head out shopping!

Making an impact on your home’s style can be done in lots of different ways. Which one do you want to try first?

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