5 Funniest Twitter Accounts to Follow

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Everybody could us a good laugh every once in awhile. With social media, you don’t have to go far at all to find hilarious content. Whether you are looking for the funniest new joke or you are interested in the latest skit that your favorite comedian was in, you can find it on Twitter.

To make sure that you find it all, here are the 5 funniest twitter accounts to follow. They’ll surely provide some humor that will put a smile on your face.

Saved You A Click

Saved You A Click has to be a favorite thanks to the hilarious content that they post on a regular basis. This particular profile finds all of the funny tweets that are floating around out that, and then compiles them for reposts. This makes it easy for you, as the follower, to find a ton of funny stuff, without having to scroll through all the other junk that’s on your Twitter feed. Saved You A Click also has tons of linkable content, so get ready to get lost for hours if you start clicking away.


Speaking of getting lost, ClickHole is another great Twitter handle for those in the mood for humor. The stuff that you’ll find on ClickHole varies in any way you can possibly imagine. This means that some of the stuff may be a bit out there, but that’s not to say it’s not funny. Instead, you’ll just have to tailor your settings to ensure you get the content that you find most entertaining. Once you do, you’ll find tons of funny material via ClickHole.

Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling is one of the biggest names in Hollywood, and surely one of the funniest. Not only is Mindy a big star on television, but she also keeps the cracks coming through her social media profiles as well. Follow Mindy Kaling on Twitter and you’ll surely be in for a laugh. She’s also great for those that are looking for a humorous spin on comedy with a women’s perspective.

Kevin Hart

Another huge name on the big screen is Kevin Hart. One of the busiest men in Hollywood, Hart never misses a beat when it comes to posting on Twitter. He keeps his followers entertained with jokes he posts, as well as short videos with hilarious clips. Hart also is known for being a prankster, and he puts those videos on his Twitter feed as well. Kevin Hart is hilarious, and his Twitter feed is representative of that.

Anna Kendrick

Finally, Anna Kendrick also makes the list as a Hollywood actress worth following. Your new favorite past time may be watching Anna live tweet about any number of things, which she does on frequent basis. You’ve never looked at eating cereal in such a comical way, but you will when you follow Anna Kendrick on Twitter.

If the names on this list have you wanting more, consider searching for hashtags such as: #comedy, #funny, #joke, #prank, #hilarious, and #fail. These are some of the most used hashtags on Twitter, and they’ll unleash even more entertainment for you to enjoy. Between these hashtags and the five Twitter profiles listed here, you’ll have plenty to laugh at.

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