3 Inventions Coming Your Way In 2016

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What a time to be alive. We may not living in space or teleporting across the globe, but companies are coming out with impressive inventions year after year. 2016 is no different, and we’re finally at a point where the loftiest sci-fi ambitions are beginning to become a reality. Here are three inventions that will blow your mind in 2016.

Consumer-Ready Virtual Reality

Virtual-Reality-HeadsetFor decades, virtual reality has seemed like a futuristic fever dream, as attainable as a flying car or a true hover board. Recently, though, there’s been a stir in the virtual reality development community. Oculus Rift, which is now owned by Facebook, has been making steady gains over the past few years, and recently, Google released its cheap Cardboard do-it-yourself headset for smartphones. But now, all the major players in tech are getting in on the action with cutting-edge VR headsets. Samsung released their Gear VR late last year, and you can expect even more such as the HTC Vive, the Playstation VR, as well as a rumored new offering from Google to be announced later in the year.

Fitness Trackers for Pets

There’s no doubt that fitness trackers have exploded in popularity over the years, as the hardware to make them becomes smaller and cheaper to produce. Nowadays, it’s difficult to go out in public without seeing a smart band around someone’s wrist. But now, hardware developers are looking to a new, previously untapped demographic in the world of fitness tracking: animals. That’s right, Fido could soon be sporting a FitBit. OK, while FitBit doesn’t have any offerings for pets (yet), companies such as PitPatPet, FitBark, and Whistle are counting on the fact that people want to know where their pets are and if they’re living a healthy lifestyle. Way of the future or silly fad? Only time will tell.

The Electric SUV

Hybrids have been a thing for a few years now, but we’re slowly beginning to see the push for cars that are fully electric. But what if you require something a little more powerful and spacious? Tesla, the car company with the most chips in the electric game, is set to release their Model X in 2016. Tesla boats that the car gets 257 miles out of a single charge, and it goes from zero to 60 in a little over three seconds. With the Model X on roads, and other manufacturers such as Ford building their own competing fully-electrics, expect to see these gasless cars on the road soon.

And that’s not all. As the Internet of Things becomes a real – ahem – thing, expect to see more and more “dumb” objects gain a brain and get connected to the cloud. Soon, we’ll be wondering how we ever lived without a coffee pot that knows when exactly to make the perfect cup or a refrigerator that knows what foods we need to buy when. Some fear that such technologies will dumb us down or make us lazy, but honestly, who cares? It’ll be awesome!

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