10 Best Housewarming Gifts

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Do you have friends or family moving into a new place? Are they having a little housewarming party or have they invited you over for dinner? If yes, you might be thinking about what you could get them for a housewarming gift.

It can be hard to come up with original gifts. But there are lots of presents that will not only be memorable but useful, too. Take the time to think about the interests of your friends and use this list to help you find the perfect gift to bring them.

  • house warming giftsCustom Doormat: A custom doormat is a great way to recognize that your friends are moving into a new place. You can have their last name printed on this one and even choose from different color options for the font. 
  • Chip and Dip Set: If your friends love to entertain, then a cool chip and dip set may be the right gift for them. This wooden and wire one from The Home Depot is stylish and will work well for chips and guac or for storing other food items.
  • Cold Brew Coffee Maker: Those who love coffee probably already have a really great coffee machine, but do they have a cold brew coffee maker? Cold brew has become extremely popular as it brews a smoother and less acidic coffee. And, if your friends love cold brew – they’ll like this cold brew coffee maker. They can brew and store their coffee all in this one maker. 
  • Electric Wine Opener: Sure, a bottle or two of wine is always an appropriate housewarming gift, but go the extra step and bring your friends an electric wine opener. They’ll be opening their wine in a matter of seconds with this gift! 
  • White Marble Monogrammed Cutting Board: A gorgeous cutting board made of marble makes for a stunning gift. It can be used for carving up their favorite meats or displaying a gorgeous charcuterie board. The addition of the monogram makes it extra special. 
  • Verdant Succulent Garden: Succulent gardens are very popular right now. They are really cute and relatively easy to care for – so they make for a great present. This one from Lulu’s Garden can be shipped directly to your friends’ new home and will include three succulents along with instructions on how to care for them. 
  • Glass Whiskey Decanter: A glass whiskey decanter is a classic gift for a new home. This one is modern in design and makes a great display piece in a new home. Grab a bottle of your friend’s favorite whiskey to complete the present! 
  • Natural Linen Tea Towels: Anyone who loves to spend time in the kitchen will appreciate some natural linen tea towels. Great for mopping up spills or wrapping up fresh bread, these are both beautiful and practical. 
  • Herb Garden Basket: Another great gift for those who love to spend time in the kitchen is a small herb garden. This one is perfect as you can customize the six herbs that will be included and they’ll come in a pretty basket that can sit on a countertop or windowsill. 
  • Food Delivery Gift Card: If your friends are still busy unpacking and getting settled, then they probably don’t have the time or energy to prepare dinner. Grab them a gift card from their favorite restaurant or food delivery group and help keep them well-fed.

Help your friends celebrate their new home when you bring them one of these housewarming gifts. After all, a new home is a very special place where memories will be made. 

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