The Chinese New Year and Chinese Zodiac

While the new year’s celebrations may be over here in the United States, the Chinese New Year is yet to be celebrated. In fact, the celebration will soon start on January 25, 2020, as this holiday is tied to the lunar calendar.

Because this holiday is connected to the lunar calendar, this means that each year the date of the Chinese New Year celebration fluctuates. Usually, it falls somewhere between the end of January and the third week of February. 

There are twelve animal signs associated with the Chinese zodiac, and each year is dedicated to a specific sign. 2020 is the year of the rat. Like other astrological signs, it is believed that if you are born in a specific year, you possess certain qualities. Take a look at the different Chinese zodiac animals:

  • Horse: Easy-going, friendly, and having a big heart are words used to describe those born in the year of the horse. They can also be overly blunt – which many people do not like. 
  • Sheep/Goat: Those born in the year of the sheep are considered to be artsy and often are introverts. They can have a tough time making decisions.
  • Monkey: Just like a cute monkey, those born under this sign are thought to be funny and energetic. They may also lack self-control.
  • Rooster: Honest and smart are adjectives used to describe people born in this year. Unfortunately, they can also be impatient and difficult to work with.
  • Dog: If you are born in the year of the dog, you are thought to be loyal and good at keeping secrets. You also thought to worry quite a bit.
  • Pig: The year of the pig is thought to bring people that are kind and well-mannered. They may also be gullible and naive. 
  • Rat: Those born under this sign are thought to be charming, charismatic, and clever. They also are believed to be motivated by money.
  • Ox: Those born in the year of the ox are believed to be driven, candid, and persistent. They may also have a stubborn streak to them.
  • Tiger: Courage, bravery, and independence are all thought to be qualities possessed by those born in the year of the tiger. Tigers may also be a bit boastful.
  • Rabbit: If you are born in the year of the rabbit, it is believed that you are sincere, popular, and like to avoid conflict. Additionally, it is thought that you may be overly sensitive.
  • Dragon: Those born in this year are strong and energetic. They don’t engage in gossip, but can be rather impatient.
  • Snake: Snakes are believed to be creative, funny, and full of wisdom. They are also rather suspicious of people, and this can lead to paranoia. 

When the Chinese New Year begins, people often return to their homes so they can spend time with family and friends. There they enjoy good food, fireworks, special cultural celebrations, and children and those who are unmarried may receive monetary gifts.

The celebration of the Chinese New Year is definitely unique, but if you have the chance to join in the holiday festivities, you definitely should. It will be an unbelievable experience. 

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